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Beer bible basher, beer trip organiser, and general all-round nice guy Graham Kerry (aka Billy Graham) took 10-minutes out from his busy work schedule at the Nottingham Brewery to give a 10-minute interview. Richard Studeny caught up with him to share a glass or three of the Radford nectar in order to find a little more about this “man in the blue overalls”.

How did you first get involved with the Nottingham Brewery?

I've known the lads from Bramcote Brewery days, right through the Castle Rock era and helped document the building of The Nottingham Brewery and I designed the brewery logo along the way..! I accepted their offer to join them last year after spending the previous 23 years with the same employer.

Since you’ve been working there, has anything funny or unusual happened during your day-to-day duties?

I suppose its funny when you only put one cask on a two place washer and switch it get wet very quickly, but you don't do it twice!

What is your favourite style of beer / Nottingham Brewery beer?

I prefer a light beer usually with Rock Bitter a regular but I've recently switched to Legend. no real reason why...

Apart from Nottingham Brewery beers, what other beers have you tried in the last seven days?

The Crown in Beeston is a great local for me and I do like a change, Ossett, Treacle Stout was superb, so was Mallard, Speckduckular.  Also had a Dancing Duck at The Hand and Heart.

What is your favourite style of pub(s)?

I prefer traditional unspoilt pubs, but also like friendly, helpful staff who know how to look after ale.

Billy, you’ve become renowned for running beer trips. Name three of your favourite style of pubs / areas, or places you enjoy drinking, and say why?

The West Midlands is a firm favourite, so many great pubs but I have favourites we visit time and time again and with so many regular passengers they must agree...Oxfordshire / Northamptonshire also is a great area to head for whilst Derbyshire / Staffordshire usually completes my choice of itineraries ....

If you could brew your own beer, what sort of style would it be?

I think I would brew a golden 4.2 ABV ale, but I like a dry finish so would aim for that....maybe when Niven’s not keep it quiet....!! LOL

Finally, I believe “Billy” is a nickname you acquired some time ago. Would you like to enlighten the readers as to why?

I was called 'Billy' a few times when drinking one evening in The Victoria, Beeston many years ago, 'Rolla' (he worked for Rolls Royce) Pete started it off,,, In those days I did like to try every and any beer available and always referred to the Bible (The Good Beer Guide) to find a new pub when out and about so it's after Billy Graham the evangelist, as Pete said, Billy Graham always carries the Bible. Strange how it has stuck as I know quite a few people who don't know my real name is Graham....!!

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10 minutes with Graham Kerry

Graham Kerry taking 10-minutes out from his busy work schedule